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Ancient Rome, Modern Food

Day 8:

Today the group headed to the Colosseum and Palatine Hill. They had downloaded Rick Steves tour of the area and used it as their tour guide. I decided to stay close to home. I have toured the Colosseum and Palatine Hills on each of my previous visits to Rome. My broken toe needed a rest.

Our apartment is located at Campo de Fiori. The location is the greatest. There are shops, restaurants, and outdoor markets just outside our door. I reserved the day to explore the area. Chris and Merrill kicked back with me.

On their way to the Colosseum, the group ducked in a side door of the "wedding cake". The Wedding Cake represents the unification of Italy. Inside, they found a maritime museum. Rome is full of surprises.

Our chef Claudio arrived at our apartment at 5:00. I had reserved him to come to our apartment to give us a cooking lesson and make us dinner. It was a fun evening. The food that he prepared was delicious and plentiful.

The group headed out to see the Trevi Fountain by night. It is spectacular when lit at night.

For once we turned in early. Tomorrow is our last day of this visit to Italy and we want to get an early start.

We are on an adventure.

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