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Italy: The Arrival

Day 1:

We arrived in Rome after an overnight nonstop flight from Atlanta. We went to sleep and woke up in Rome. I love living in Atlanta because it is so easy to leave. That sounds a little odd, but true. This is our annual office trip. Italy was the unanimous choice this year. I love Italy. This is my third visit to Italy in the last 12 months. Each visit can be completely different than each of the previous visits. We hit the ground running, which is my style. We first checked into our apartment. We have rented a five bedroom apartment with the four much needed bathrooms. We will need that many to make sure that we make all the early reservations that we have made for the week. It is in the center of Rome, two blocks from the Piazza Navona.

After lunching on pizza and gelato, we headed to the Piazza Navona. We visited the undergrround ruins of the Stadium of Domitian under the Piazza Navona. It is located about 4.50 meters below street level. The archaeological site is all that remains of the first and only example of a masonry stadium up to now known in Rome. It was something new to experience after visiting the Piazza many times before. The next stop was the Pantheon. We had downloaded Rick Steves “Audio Europe” app on our phones. He gives great audio tours of many of the great sites of Europe. We used it as our audio guide. A stop at the grocery to stock the kitchen and one at the bakery next door from our apartment and a final stop for a second gelato, finished our first day in Italy.

We are on an adventure.

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