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"Rome"-ing Around

Day 3: Today we decided to scrap the original plans for this day. After the very structured visit to the Vatican yesterday we decided to take it easy. We had planned a trip to Ostia Antica, an area of Roman ruins outside of Rome. We had made plans for this visit before we decided to make a trip to Pompeii.

Ted and Laura headed out early for breakfast and ran into two of our patients/friends. What were the chances of that? They were wondering outside on the square trying to find the stop for the Hop-On-Hop-Off bus they had booked. They were invited up to the apartment to say hello. We decided to do the same.

We signed on for the very tourist tour on a Hop-on-Hop-Off. We circled the city and hopped off at the Spanish Steps. The day was beautiful. The Spanish steps have just been restored, financed by jeweler Bulgari. The scene was beautiful. I said that we planned a tourist day and the proof was the 4000 tourist that we joined there. We explored the area and had lunch at an outdoor café.

We headed on to the Trevi Fountain. It too has been recently cleaned and restored by the fashion house Fendi. We were joined by another 4000 tourists. We each threw one coin over our left shoulder into the fountain to insure our return to Rome. If you throw three coins, the first guarantees your return, the second leads to a new romance, while the third will lead to marriage. I might have to go back for that second throw.

A slow walk back to our apartment allowed us time to support the economy. Pizza and a picture review ended another great day in Italy.

We are on an adventure.

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